Useful Links
Last Updated 9/9/2007
I will be adding links to resources in the greater metro area. There are lots of activities and dog-friendly places in our area, so watch this page grow.

If you have a club or dog-related business and would like to be listed here, please contact Paws and Effect.

Pet Photography
  • Kevin Devine Photography - Kevin does a great job photographing animals. The picture to the right is one of his, as is the sleeping puppy in the relaxation montage when you first enter Check out Kevin's site for more great pictures and information about his services.
Speciality Pet Stores
  • Helping Udders - great online store with lots of items not found in stores. 10-50% of all purchases go to rescues!
Animal Shelters

I support both the Lawrence Humane Shelter in Lawrence, KS and the Parkville Animal Shelter in Parkville, MO. There are many good rescue organizations in and around the metro area; and I encourage you to support them in their efforts.

Activities with Your Dog

There are lots of fun activities to share with your dog from agility, herding, frisbee, flyball, obedience, rally, and therapy work, just to name a few. Find an activity both you and your dog enjoy together, and you will find it very rewarding! Many high energy dogs love having a "job".

Here's a good place to start in finding an activity for you and your dog:

As with most sports, many of the activities listed below can be hard on a dog if not done properly, so it is important that your dog is healthy and in good shape. By joining a club and working with others and/or taking training courses, you can learn the best way to train and minimize that possibility. Please contact your vet before embarking on a new exercise regemin!

Meet Freja - Paws and Effect's own special canine.

National Dog Clubs

Here are a couple of national dog clubs that can help you find information about activities and local events and resources. These clubs offer several different types of activities (including agility) for you and your canine companion.


Learn to work as a team with your dog, directing him/her through tunnels, through weaves, over jumps, across dog walks and more.

  • Clean Run - Lots of agility information and products available here, including a great agility magazine.

  • Information on Agility for Novices - a site for novice agility handlers.

  • NADAC (National Dog Agility Council - open to all dogs)

  • Bandit of KC Disc Dogs does a flip Frisbee
    • KC Disc Dogs - a group of dogs and their owners that enjoy playing frisbee, both for fun and competition.  You may have seen some of the club members perform at a Chiefs game or a pet fair. Open to all dogs!

    • - See some videos on how it's done!

    • skyhoundz - products and events for disc dogs
    Canine Search and Rescue