What Paws and Effect Clients Are Saying
Last updated: 10/2/07

Thanks for the picture and the massage!

I have to tell you that in the future you might warn your clients that it might put more spring back in their dogs' step than they think it will!

After dinner we took the dogs up to campus to play. I let Porter off-leash as I usually do--even if she does go on a lark, she doesn't really run hard anymore so she's easy to catch up with. Ten seconds later she was half-way across the hill and I was sprinting after her. She had seen a squirrel and was chasing him like she would have in much younger days. I usually don't let my dogs harass wildlife if I can help it, but tonight we happily made an exception. :)

Thanks again,

Meryl and Porter
Lawrence, KS
(Note: Porter is 10 years old; Meryl had noticed some stiffness and general slowing down in her companion.)

One of the best parts of going to Agility Shows in the Kansas City area is that my Sheltie, the Famous Jazz, gets a massage from Julie at Paws & Effect. Since Jazz always runs better after one of Julie's massage treatments, I kind of wish she could follow us to all of our shows. Also, Julie is very gentle with the dogs she treats and the dogs know it. Jazz totally trusts Julie and is very comfortable working with her. Basically Jazz & I feel that Julie is one of the few Elite Canine Masseuses around.
Robin Adamson
Lincoln, NB
White Star Shelties

I just wanted to thank you so much for working on Rusty and Harry last weekend in Greenwood. I saw quite an improvement in their performance after your massage. From now on, I'm asking you to give them a massage BEFORE each trial!

Aleta Crosby
Tulsa, OK

I met Julie of Paws And Effect at an agility trial in November.  My Border Collie, Chaney, is very reserved around strangers.  I wasn't sure if Chaney was going to accept getting a massage done on her.  Julie was very patient with Chaney and had me stand right next to Chaney so Chaney wouldn't feel frightened.  Chaney was a bit fidgety, but Julie worked around that and tried to help her calm down.  Pretty soon, Chaney was laying down and fell asleep!  You could see the contentment in her eyes as Julie worked on her.   I decided that I would take Chaney to Julie again at the December agility trial and once again, Chaney was a bit fidgety at first, but shortly after, was asleep on Julie's massage table.  Chaney had some tightness in one of her leg muscles so Julie worked on that leg, and showed me how to work on the leg.

  Later in the day, Chaney ended up running her best agility trial so far and never seemed to tire out.  At one point, Chaney saw Julie walking around the arena, and my normally shy-towards-strangers dog walked up to her to say "hi" and started to wag her tail!  We plan to get a massage for Chaney the next time we see Julie.  She's great!
Lorrie Stelz
Goddard, KS

Thanks again for making Pandy move like silk!  When your massaged her for the first time in November, the next morning it was like watching poetry in motion, Pandy moved so smooth and wasn’t “scrambling” on the agility course like she was the day before.  This past weekend after her massage before jumpers on Saturday, wow what a difference. And Sunday we actually got a jumpers leg and a first place, how cool is that?!?  Those have been extremely hard for Pandy to qualify on, always a knocked bar. I even noticed her stride lengthening out to get over those jumps.  I also think it helped her to relax and not be so keyed up.   I can’t wait til we see you again!  You need to come to our area here. You are wonderful!  And thank you so very much!

Cheryl Carter and Pandy
Antioch, Illinois

Thank you so much for giving such an informative program on dog massage to the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club. The dogs loved it! And, as you expected, the massage settled them down quickly and they stayed calm and relaxed for the meeting after you left. This was our first program in quite awhile and members enjoyed it. It was a great presentation!

Carolyn Rankin
Tonganoxie, KS